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When a Plumbing Problem Turns Into Disaster

Plumbing problems are never a welcome sight. Water damage refuses to knock on the door and instead seeps in through walls, floors, and ceilings, forcing homeowners to frantically call the local plumber. An obvious plumbing problem can be evident through leaky faucets or fractured pipes, but invisible leaks can lead to plumbing emergencies.

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Roger the Plumber Announces 25 Good Reasons to Call Them for HVAC Repair Services

Roger the Plumber is offering a $25 savings on your air conditioning and heating repairs in and around K.C. Metro area; qualifying repairs include capacitor replacements, indoor and outdoor coil cleanings, motor replacements, humidifiers, thermostat upgrades, installation of new heating and/or air conditioning equipment, ductwork, air quality, replacing filters, checking refrigerant levels and assessing the overall condition of your system.   

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Do You Know What You’re Drinking?

The Safe Drinking Water Act, passed in 1974, gave EPA the authority to set the standards for safe drinking water. Since then, the U.S. public water system has become one of the safest and cleanest in the world. However, pregnant women, individuals with compromised immune systems, the elderly, children, and young infants can be especially vulnerable to contaminants in water.

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