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What Homes Will Look Like in the Future

We’re all fascinated by the future. Superhero movies like Iron Man, and the Avengers and Hunger Games series offer us a glimpse of what life could look like 50 years from now. Most of us are excited about drones, hyperloop transportation, 3D printed home decor and smart homes. Many of these inventions have been imagined by futurists decades ago and some of them, like 3D printers and drones, are becoming more and more common, while others are still in our future.

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Roger the Plumber Offers Advice For Lowering Utility Bills While Away On Vacation

Roger the Plumber, a local plumbing, heating and air conditioning service company is offering money saving tips for homeowners: set water heaters to “vacation mode”, turn off the water to the home if the vacation will last more than three days, turn the thermostat up — rather than turning off the air conditioner — and inspect faucets, toilets and sprinklers for leaks. Leaving the air conditioner on and setting the thermostat to 78 °F will keep air moving throughout the home, save costs associated with cooling down the home, and protect it from getting too hot and potentially damaging wood floors, doorways and furniture.

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