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6 Potential Causes of a Leaking Dishwasher

A leaky dishwasher can be a frustrating issue if you’re not familiar with what might be causing the leak. You know the obvious rules of running a dishwasher: only use dishwashing detergent, rinse off food scraps and make sure the door is closed all the way. But if one morning you wake up to discover a wet kitchen floor, then you can be certain the dishwasher needs a check-up. Here are a few potential causes of a leaking dishwasher.

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Clean Water Challenges in America Today

When you think about someone having difficulties accessing clean water, you typically think of people living in third world countries. However, water and sanitation challenges affect areas in the U.S. as well. These challenges include fecal contamination from individual wells, expensive water costs, lead service lines, outdated infrastructure, and the financial, technical and operational demands of making upgrades. 

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