Homeowners typically don’t call the plumber until they’ve got a serious plumbing emergency on their hands. If a plunger fails to unclog a toilet, or a shower refuses to drain, homeowners call up the first local plumber recommended by Google. But in many cases, the plumber should’ve been called months ago for an annual plumbing inspection.

Here are three reasons why.

Reason #1: A plumbing inspection could help prevent serious plumbing problems.

To find out how to make minor plumbing repairs, tech-savvy homeowners might watch a YouTube tutorial video or simply ask Siri. This, however, cannot replace the value of experience and may result in poor or improper repairs. If a self-proclaimed YouTube plumbing expert gives bad directions, they won’t be held responsible for damage created by a trusting homeowner.

Following Siri’s directions may be cost-effective in the short-term, but in the long-run, homeowners can end up with serious problems that could’ve been prevented with a professional inspection.

Reason #2: A plumbing inspection can help homeowners save on costly repairs.

An annual plumbing inspection can help identify signs of a serious problem that can lead to costly repairs, if ignored. For example, repairing a broken sewage pipe can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention several thousand more to clean the property. A broken sewage pipe can leak for weeks before homeowners discover that their lawn has turned into a human waste repository.  

During an annual plumbing inspection, an experienced plumber would’ve noticed a sewage pipe showing signs of wear and tear and recommended replacing the pipe.

Reason #3: A plumbing inspection is an opportunity for homeowners to learn maintenance tips.

During a plumbing inspection, homeowners are encouraged to ask questions about plumbing maintenance. Roger the Plumber technicians have undergone extensive training and have years of experience servicing home plumbing systems — they would be happy to share their knowledge with homeowners.

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