Roger the Plumber shares new details about their 2018 Summer Maintenance Campaign for HVAC system inspections. The Kansas City, MO organization highlights the importance of regular system tune-ups, as well as shares information on what homeowners can expect at their HVAC service appointment.

Jeremy Prevost, CEO for Roger the Plumber comments “Warm summer temperatures are upon us, and so is the potential for homeowners to throw away their hard earned money.”

Prevost continues “Consumers can’t afford to ignore their air conditioning equipment, because an inefficient system could equal wasted energy expenses.”

Ian Williams, Roger the Plumber General Manager shares that “Proper care of your cooling and heating equipment can keep your unit running efficiently, which saves money and helps avoid costly repairs or emergency maintenance calls.  Now, before the extreme summer heat kicks in, is the perfect time to make sure your HVAC system will keep you cool without wasting your money.”

Roger the Plumber highlights that consumers play a vital role in ensuring that their HVAC cooling systems are operating at peak performance. Doing so will maximize home comfort and financial savings. One of the most effective steps consumers can take to help ensure they’ll get the maximum efficiency from their unit is to contact an experienced, reputable contractor.

The Roger the Plumber team stresses it is important to realize that running a dirty and thus inefficient unit can cause an unnecessary loss of energy.

During the course of a typical HVAC inspection, a Roger the Plumber service technician will check the system’s refrigerant charge, clean the coils, blower wheel, and drain line, lubricate moving parts and inspect electrical circuits.

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