Spring is just around the corner, and there’s no doubt that people throughout the Kansas City area have been putting their home heating systems to the test this winter.

The spring and summer seasons bring with them a new set of HVAC demands, which is why Kansas City’s own 4 Eco Services is kicking off its preseason HVAC maintenance initiative. Their goal is to help local homeowners get the most out of their heating, air conditioning and water filtration systems as we head into the spring months. Pollen, dirt and other allergens will fill the air as temperatures rise and the area’s bountiful plants and trees come back to life after a cold winter.

“Seasonal maintenance is so important to home HVAC systems,” says Ian Williams, General Manager of Roger the Plumber. “That is why we are launching our Spring 2019 campaign to educate homeowners and provide much-needed HVAC tune-ups as the seasons start to change.”

The first step to a proper maintenance protocol is a thorough inspection from an experienced Roger the Plumber HVAC technician. A professional with a trained eye will be able to detect any potential problems and determine what needs to be adjusted or replaced to get the system ready for spring and summer. Then, maintenance can be performed to replace filters, clean ducts and vents, make thermostat adjustments, replace any worn parts and provide other tune-ups to make sure the HVAC system is running efficiently.

Roger the Plumber offers some helpful tips to all homeowners looking to get their HVAC systems ready this preseason:

• Change the air filter that was likely used heavily all winter long.
• Test the thermostat by turning on the A/C.
• Schedule an HVAC inspection and tune-up for improved energy efficiency.
• Inspect the air vents and have them cleaned as needed. It’s important to remove all dust, dirt and debris from season to season.
• Be aware of any strange noises or funny smells coming from your HVAC system or vents.

For all your preseason HVAC and home water filtration system maintenance and repair needs, the local heating and air conditioning experts at Roger the Plumber are ready to serve. They specialize in eco-friendly and energy-efficient home solutions.