If last month’s electricity bill made you jump out of your skin, then consider the following tips for lowering your A/C use this summer.

1. Upgrade your windows

Old windows are most likely single-pane windows, which are not as good as modern windows at deflecting heat and keeping cool air inside. Single pane windows only have one layer of glass and offer little insulation from summer heat and humidity, allowing almost 90% of UV rays to enter the home. 

2. Seal air leaks

Windows, doors, and crawl spaces may have air leaks, allowing cool air to escape and hot air to enter the home. Carefully check these areas for leaks and use caulking and weather stripping to seal air leaks and keep your home nice and cool.

3. Install a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat helps increase energy efficiency by adjusting temperatures while you’re away or asleep. You can program them manually or purchase one that will learn your habits and preferences over time. Some programmable thermostats can be set up remotely using an app.

4. Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans help keep hot air up near the ceiling, while bringing cool air down for you to enjoy. They help take the burden off of the air conditioning system and increase energy efficiency.

5. Replace HVAC air filters

Air filters remove dust, particles, and other contaminants from circulation, helping the air conditioning system to function efficiently and cool the home quicker. Dirty filters are a burden on the system, forcing it to work harder to circulate cool air. Be sure to replace HVAC air filters every few months.

6. Insulate walls and the attic

Attics, walls, and crawl spaces are susceptible to air leaks and can be a silent strain on your A/C system. Consider hiring a professional to properly insulate your home. 

7. Install solar panels

Homeowners across the country have installed solar panels to lower their monthly electricity bill. Whether bought or leased, solar panels can help reduce energy usage and ease the burden on the A/C system.

If you have any questions about improving your A/C’s energy efficiency, give Roger The Plumber a call!