We’ve grown accustomed to living in comfort and controlling our home environment. If we feel cold, we turn up the heater. If it gets too hot, we blast the AC. As a consequence, this laissez-faire attitude may have led to the formation of bad habits that are driving up monthly utility bills. 

If you’re looking for ways to decrease energy consumption, here are a few energy-wasting HVAC habits to address.

1. Extreme thermostat settings

Whether you’re in the middle of summer or the dead of winter, as soon as you walk inside the home, the first thing you likely do is reset the temperature on the thermostat. It’s almost as if the simple action automatically increases our comfort level.

But the truth is, forcing the HVAC system to dramatically raise or lower the indoor temperature within a short period of time uses a greater amount of energy than simply maintaining a stable indoor temperature. 

2. Closed registers and vents

What better way to let your HVAC system blow air into the home than by closing all the registers and vents? Walk around the home and open them all up so that your HVAC system can work efficiently.

3. Forgetting to replace air filters

With use, air filters get clogged with dust, pollen, pet dander, and all sorts of contaminants trying to make their way into your home. If you forget to routinely replace the air filter, at least once every few months, the HVAC system will have a harder time blowing air into the home, driving up energy costs.

4. Ignoring warning signs

The HVAC system can give off a variety of signals hinting at a potential malfunction that needs to be addressed. Ignoring these signs can force the system to work at suboptimal levels and consume more energy than usual. Do yourself a favor and schedule professional repair as soon as you notice something off.

5. Skipping routine maintenance

Dismissing routine maintenance as unnecessary can cost you — not only in higher monthly utility bills but also in potentially expensive breakdowns. If you’re not excited about taking care of routine HVAC maintenance, call Roger The Plumber for a professional checkup. Our professional HVAC technicians know exactly what a system needs to function properly. 

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