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Common Furnace Issues And How to Address Them

Heading into the winter season, every homeowner needs to make sure their furnace is in good working condition. Not keeping up with maintenance could lead to issues that leave the home freezing. Here are a few common issues with furnaces and ways to address them.

7 Signs of a Malfunctioning HVAC System

A malfunctioning HVAC unit, especially during cooler months, can leave the home feeling chilly and uninviting. In addition, it can cause a spike in energy bills and require frequent repairs. To get ahead of a serious breakdown, be on the lookout for the following signs.

8 Things to Never Put Down The Drain

Most of us know what should and shouldn’t go down the drain, but sometimes we get lazy, or maybe we’ve formed a habit that’s hard to break. In either case, the following list of things you shouldn’t put down the drain will serve as a reminder next time you’re cooking in the kitchen.

How to Drain the Home’s Plumbing System

Draining the plumbing pipes may be necessary for a few reasons. If the system has a water hammer problem, which is when plumbing pipes bang loudly when the faucets are turned on and off, then the cause could be too much air trapped in the plumbing lines. In this case, the system needs to be drained.