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4 Potential Causes of a Soggy Spot in Your Yard

The only thing worse than having dry, yellow patches in your yard is having soggy spots. Unfortunately, soggy spots are usually noticed the hard way — by stepping into one. If you’ve noticed a soggy spot in your yard, there are four potential causes: a leak in the waterline, a leaking sprinkler system, a leaking septic system, or a drainage problem.

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2020 New Year To-Do List for Your Home

Once every 365 days, the world gets a fresh start — a new beginning — and the opportunity to make changes. For homeowners, the home is a great place to start with New Year-inspired changes. After an entire year of sheltering the family, providing water, light and heat, the home deserves a thorough check-up and some upgrades. Here are a few to-do’s every homeowner should have on their list to make sure their home is in top shape.

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