A well-maintained air conditioner shouldn’t create much noise during a cooling cycle. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the amount of noise coming from your home’s AC system.

Install a compressor blanket
A compressor blanket is a type of insulation that can be used to reduce the amount of noise heard by the outdoor AC unit’s compressor.

To install the blanket, remove the outer panel to access the compressor. Then, gently wrap the compressor blanket over the compressor unit in a clockwise direction beginning with the left side. Be careful not to apply any force as this could damage the unit.

Line up the slots of the blanket along with the suction line of the compressor and secure the cover with Velcro tape. Make sure there aren’t any gaps caused by lifts in the strip. This will help the seam remain strong and unbroken.

Cover the square box, or terminal box, with the sound blanket and make a second Velcro seam that aligns with the first one. Be sure to line up the top of the blanket with the discharge line.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, feel free to call Roger The Plumber for professional installation.

Build a fence
A wood or vinyl fence can help block sound waves coming from the unit. Leave at least three feet of space between the outdoor unit and the fence and choose a fence that is a few feet taller than the unit.

Trim outdoor vegetation
Overgrown trees, branches, shrubs, and other items could contribute to loud noise coming from the outdoor compressor unit. Be sure to trim vegetation on a regular basis so that there is at least three feet of space around the unit.

Schedule professional maintenance
In some cases, loud noises may be caused by a mechanical problem. Issues such as poor lubrication, a loose or broken fastener, or a bent blade could lead to loud cooling cycles. Call Roger The Plumber for a professional inspection and our technicians will take care of the problem.

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