It may be hard to believe that we’re less than two months away from winter, but 2019 is wrapping up and that means it’s time to get your furnace ready for the cold months ahead. Here are a few things you should do to make sure your furnace is all set.

1. Replace the air filter.

The air filter keeps dust, pollen, pet dander and other particulates out of your home. Over time, it gets covered in layers of dust and inhibits air flow. So before you turn on the heat, replace the air filter. Your options for air filters include: fiberglass/synthetic filters, polyester filters, electrostatic filters, pleated filters and HEPA filters. Reach out to a 4 Eco Services professional to learn more about the different types of filters. 

2. Clean ducts and air vents.

To clean your ducts, turn off the HVAC system, remove the vent cover and use a vacuum hose to suck out the dust. Don’t forget to clean the air vents as well. 

3. Inspect the blower belt.

Before inspecting the blower belt, turn off power to the HVAC system at the main circuit breaker. Next, remove the steel cover of the air handler. Look for any cracks in the blower belt and make sure to replace if you find any.

4. Inspect the exhaust flue.

The flue pipe is responsible for releasing exhaust gases and other combustion byproducts into the atmosphere outside of the home. A furnace flue pipe is made of metal and covered by insulating material. Inspect the exhaust flue outdoors to make sure there is nothing covering the opening.

5. Set a lower temperature on the programmable thermostat.

Finally, to save on utility bills this winter, set a lower temperature on the thermostat when you’re away and asleep. Wear layers at night and give the furnace a slight break.

If you suspect any serious issues with your furnace or have any additional questions, reach out to Roger The Plumber for a free consultation and inspection.