Summer is coming to a close and most homeowners are getting their home ready for fall and winter. Your HVAC system deserves special attention because without a properly functioning heater you and your family will be miserable during cold winter months. Here are a few things you need to do to prepare your HVAC system for fall and winter.

Replace air filters.

Turn off power to the unit and wait until the blower stops before you begin maintenance. 

Your air conditioner was running non-stop during the summer and has kept dust, pollen, bacteria and other airborne particles from entering your home. The air filters should be replaced at least once every three months. Clogged filters will lower the air quality in your home and force your system to work harder, leading to decreased efficiency and higher costs.

Run a sound check.

Turn your unit on and listen for unusual sounds, such as banging, rattling, hissing, loud whistles, screaming, or clicking. If your HVAC system is not making a soft humming noise, then your system could have loose blades, circuit breaker overload or a failed condenser fan motor. 

Inspect air ducts and air vents.

Check to make sure nothing is blocking your air vents. Keep furniture and window coverings away from air vents to ensure the air can flow freely. 

Your air ducts should be properly insulated to ensure heat and cool air does not escape the ducts. Poor insulation will decrease efficiency and raise energy costs.

Check for signs of moisture.

If you see moisture on windows, or rust or dirt on the vent pipe, then your system has poor combustion. Call 4 Eco Services and schedule an inspection and repair as soon as possible.

Assess room temperature.

Check to make sure the HVAC system is properly cooling and heating each room. If the thermostat fails to reach the set temperature, consider rebooting the thermostat. If the thermostat is still not working properly, replace the batteries. Consider installing a programmable thermostat if replacing the batteries doesn’t fix the thermostat.

Clean the outdoor unit.

Power off the air conditioner and clear away dirt, leaves and debris. Vacuum the condenser fins with a soft-brush attachment and be careful to not bend the fins. Next, use a water hose to clean off loose debris. Spray the outside unit with a coil cleaner, wait 10-15 minutes, and use a water hose to rise the coil cleaner off.

Schedule maintenance, if necessary.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call Roger The Plumber to identify the cause and make the necessary repairs.