Kansas City Water Leak Detection

Roger The Plumber offers Kansas City water leak detection to local residents and homeowners. Our plumbers have the gear and experience necessary to find the source of the leak so that we can take the right steps during the repair. Here’s what you need to know about water leak detection.

The Role of Water Meters in Leak Detection

Water from the city or local water district is stored in large towers and sent to each home through underground pipes. These pipes are connected to the water main at each house. But before the water enters the home, it is measured by a water meter.

Though it’s primarily used to track water usage, the water meter can also be used to see if the home is using water after the main supply has been turned off. If the numbers on the water meter have increased, then that’s a clear sign of a plumbing leak in the home.

The water meter is typically located at the front side of the home so that workers can access the water meter without needing to contact the homeowner. Most water meters in Kansas City read like an odometer in the car. Volume is measured in gallons or cubic feet, and water charges are typically based on 100 cubic feet or on 1000-gallon units.

Though the city only cares about the amount of water being used by the home, homeowners may be paying significantly more for water if their plumbing system has a hidden leak. Knowing how to read the water meter and spot signs of leaks can help homeowners save money.

Signs of a Water Leak

Homeowners can look for the following signs to determine if they have a leak:

Standing Water

If the area by the water meter is wet and soggy, or you see standing water and puddles, then there might be a leak with the water from the main line coming into the home.

The leak could be on the city side, but if that is the case then the homeowner won’t be responsible for the cost. But if the leak is within the homeowner’s plumbing system, then it’s important to schedule a professional plumbing repair.

The Box Location Is Filled With Debris

The water meter box connects the city’s water supply with the home plumbing system. If the box is filled with debris or standing water, then this means an internal component isn’t working properly. It is likely the homeowner is being charged for more water than what is actually being used by the household.

Sudden Spike In Water Bills

If you suddenly receive a high water bill, then you should go out and inspect the meter. Most water meters have a red dial that shows if there is water running inside the home. If there aren’t any appliances or faucets using water inside the home and the dial is moving, then that indicates a leak that requires professional plumbing service in Kansas City.

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