Roger the Plumber,Kansas City’s leader in sustainable plumbing, HVAC service and repair, and whole home water filtration services provides new insight into their “President’s Guarantee” – a direct connection to management for customers.

Jeremy Prevost, Roger the Plumber CEO notes that he shares his direct cell phone number with all of the company’s clients to ensure everyone has a direct line to voice any concern they may have at any time.

“We are proud of the work and service we do in our Kansas City community,” comments Prevost.

Prevost continues, “Roger the Plumber operates with a high level of integrity and has nothing to hide. We always want to make sure customers have a direct line to top management, that’s why my personal cell phone number is on all of our invoices.”

Roger the Plumber notes that the organization’s industry-leading customer service starts from the “top down.” All client concerns are handled in real time, no waiting. Roger the Plumber’ “5 Minute Concern Policy” aims to address and take care of each customer concern in under 5 minutes.

Ian Williams, Roger the Plumber, General Manager, states that the company’s efforts on complete customer satisfaction reflect highly on employee morale and ensure a high level of customer retention.

“All of our employees are proud to be affiliated with a company with such strong customer service,” says Williams.