Roger The Plumber, a residential plumbing and HVAC services company, anticipates an increase in plumbing and drain issues due to unusually high temperatures this month. 

Weathertrends360 for the Kansas City metro area predicts February 2023 will be the seventh warmest and fifth wettest month in 30 years. Due to the increased risk of severe rainstorms, homeowners should take precautionary steps to prevent the damaging effects of rain on residential plumbing and drainage systems.

Heavy downpour increases the pressure on underground pipes and could even cause plumbing to shift. Underground pipes may bend and crack, leading to sewage backup and leakage that could cause severe damage. Cracked pipes could allow debris to slip in and build up, blocking the flow of waste and water away from the home. In addition, municipal sewers may overflow and end up flowing backwards into homes.

Another potential risk of heavy rain is flooding. Though there isn’t much homeowners can do to prevent the effects of flooding, drain cleaning and hydro jetting can help clear the plumbing system.

Roger The Plumber General Manager Hunter Hamilton recommends inspecting the home’s plumbing system after severe rainfall to identify signs of damage. Hamilton says, “Flooding may even cause issues with the toilet. If you hear any gurgling, the issue could be a clogged drain or a sewage backup. In this case we encourage homeowners to call Roger The Plumber for professional plumbing service to avoid serious damage to the home’s interior.”

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