Roger the Plumber educates Kansas City area homeowners on how to choose a reputable in-home service provider. The organization also highlights the importance of routine plumbing and HVAC maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns or emergencies.

Roger the Plumber is Kansas City’s leader in sustainable plumbing, HVAC maintenance, and whole home water filtration services.

Jeremy Prevost, Roger the Plumber CEO notes, “We aim to protect homeowners in our service area. It is our hope that these tips can help educate homeowners on how to choose a credible, reliable plumbing and HVAC organization.”

What to Look For in an In-Home Service Provider from Roger the Plumber:

1. License: Within the state of Kansas, plumbing and HVAC technicians must possess a state-issued license to work. This guarantees the technician possesses the necessary education and has completed the needed on-the-job hours to be certified.

2. Reviews & References: Homeowners want a plumbing and HVAC service company that is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, as well as the Contractor’s Board. Do not hesitate to request reviews and research the organization online before booking an appointment.

3. Guarantee: If the plumber or HVAC technician has faith in his own abilities and work, he’ll gladly guarantee it. And if that work doesn’t live up to his guarantee, he’ll do the work again free of charge. Be wary of a tech that does not guarantee satisfaction.

4. Insurance: An insured plumber or HVAC provider is one who steps up and takes responsibility when things go wrong. Botched work or injuries on the job can happen, and an insured technician makes sure those expenses do not fall on the homeowner.

5. Written estimate: A plumber or HVAC provider who refuses to provide an estimate up front is one looking to price-gouge once the work is completed. Always expect a detailed estimate- one that covers costs for parts and labor. Do not move forward with any work or service without an estimate and be wary of a technician who requests more than the regulated amount of money up-front before the work is done.

6. Appearance: Homeowners should expect anyone working in their home to dress and present him/herself with professionalism. A tidy HVAC service technician suggests someone who does tidy work.

“Roger the Plumber is proud of not only meeting but exceeding each of the suggested guidelines,” states Ian Williams, Roger the Plumber Operations Manager.