In 2017, Roger the Plumber offers the “Best Value” Kansas City homeowners are looking for in a home services company. They provide plumbing, heating, air conditioning and whole-home water filtration installation, repair and preventative maintenance. The focus of Roger the Plumber is to offer homeowners more eco-friendly and energy-efficient HVAC and plumbing products and systems, backed by the expertise of leading industry professionals.

Roger the Plumber is a trusted provider of preheating and precooling services for HVAC systems. These types of services help customers avoid system failures during the extreme hot and cold seasons. Their knowledgeable technicians are experts in all facets of heating and air conditioning, with a commitment to providing high standards of customer service and an earth-friendly approach to everything they do as a home services company.

Homeowners have grown skeptical of overpriced plumbing and air conditioning companies who provide substandard services. Roger the Plumber offers the type of value that today’s savvy homeowners demand. They are able to provide industry-leading service without inflated prices that come with most large regional or national home service companies. These companies charge more because of higher overhead and increased advertising costs.

“Roger the Plumber is neither the least nor most expensive home service company in Kansas City. Instead, we focus on providing higher quality services and systems, and offering the best overall value for our customers,” says Jeremy Prevost, CEO of Roger the Plumber.

Roger the Plumber provides eco-friendly alternatives that save customers money in the long run through improved energy efficiency. They also specialize in preventative maintenance for plumbing, heating, air conditioning and water filtration, which prevents major emergencies and costly repairs. Proper maintenance will also extend the life of your home’s plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems.

Preventative maintenance is the key to the Roger the Plumber customer service approach and it is the reason for their Club program that provides scheduled routine maintenance and discounted service prices for members. Thorough inspections, thermostat tests, air quality checks, filter replacements and vent/duct cleaning are standard maintenance services for heating and air conditioning systems. Roger the Plumber specializes in preseason heating and air conditioning tune-ups, which make sure the systems are working properly in advance of the hot or cold seasons when they are used the most. An annual water heater flush is also recommended as a key part of plumbing system maintenance.

Roger the Plumber is filling the need for experienced HVAC professionals, licensed plumbing contractors, and superior customer services.