Roger The Plumber has noticed a new gift giving trend this season — the gift of home air purification systems — and is encouraging homeowners to purchase a system for friends and family members. 

Roger The Plumber has received many requests for home air purification systems, not only for their own home but also for the homes of their friends and extended family members. 

General Manager Mike Paredez says, “Over the last several weeks we’ve had many clients ask if they could pay for an air purification system to be installed as a gift. But with travel on the agenda this holiday season, many clients are asking us to schedule installation before they leave to visit family and friends.”

This demand for home air purification systems has increased due to COVID-19, as homeowners across the country take extra precautionary steps to protect themselves and their loved ones. In addition to protecting against the spread of several airborne viruses, home air purification systems can also help minimize the presence of allergens in the home, such as mold, pet dander, dust mites and smoke. 

Roger The Plumber is actively fulfilling requests for home air purification systems installation and encourages homeowners to give the gift of clean, fresh air to friends and family this holiday season. Once the installation is scheduled, it’s important that the recipient own their home, have a working central heating and cooling system and authorize the work to be completed.