Roger The Plumber, a local plumbing, heating and air conditioning service company, advises homeowners to consider the negative effects of drinking contaminated water and urges homeowners to consider upgrading their central water filtration system to improve the quality, taste, odor and appearance of their tap water and drinking water.

Municipal water flowing to homes across the U.S. is contaminated by substances like microbial pathogens, organic chemicals such as pesticides and volatile organic chemicals, radioactive elements, hard water minerals and inorganic chemicals such as toxic metals. A whole house water filtration system removes many of these dangerous contaminants and reduces the health risks associated with drinking unfiltered water.

Roger The Plumber General Manager Ian Williams says, “During this time of year, spring blooms give municipal water a dirty or musty flavor — a sign of contamination. Municipal water is typically treated with increased amounts of sanitizers to deal with the blooms, however, doing so produces mixed results.” 

Williams adds, “At the very least, homeowners should replace filters and consider installing higher quality filters that can remove more contaminants. Installing a high-quality central water filtration system is a more effective option that will lead to healthier cooking, showering and cleaning. Cleaner water will also help extend the life of appliances that use water and household pipes.”