Roger The Plumber reminds homeowners to inspect their home air conditioner for signs of wear and tear and to take steps to prevent late season breakdowns. Properly maintaining a home air conditioner can help prevent common malfunctions and problems, such as a damaged compressor, faulty outside fan, frozen coils and low levels of refrigerant.

Roger The Plumber General Manager Mike Paredez says, “As we near the end of the summer season, it is highly important for homeowners to check up on their air conditioner. Now is the time when equipment starts to show the effects of continuous use. Similar to the effects of workload stress on life, the air conditioner may be showing signs of an impending mechanical failure. Don’t get caught off-guard by mid- to late-season breakdowns and schedule a check-up. Proper maintenance can help homeowners save thousands on repairs.”

Homeowners should maintain their air conditioner by regularly cleaning the outdoor unit, fixing the fins, unclogging the condensate drain tube, and identifying and sealing air leaks in the home. Taking these steps can help optimize the unit’s efficiency and keep the air conditioner from using unnecessary energy to cool the home. Greater efficiency will translate into greater savings on electricity bills and extend the life of the air conditioning unit. 

According to Fixr, the average range of annual AC maintenance costs is $100 to $150. The average cost of a new central air conditioner, however, is $5,285. The actual cost will vary depending on the home’s square footage, brand of air conditioner, and the SEER rating. Clearly, homeowners should actively invest in maintaining their air conditioner.