Roger The Plumber, a local plumbing, heating and air conditioning service company, advises homeowners to not neglect regular maintenance of their home heating system and to take an active role in preventing costly repairs.

During the winter months, home heating systems will be running constantly to keep families warm indoors. HVAC systems will be under significant pressure to properly and efficiently heat homes to the desired temperature. If HVAC systems have not been inspected and regularly maintained, homeowners may be unpleasantly surprised with a breakdown in the middle of winter. 

Roger The Plumber General Manager Ian Williams says, “Homeowners can take the following steps to make sure their heating system is running smoothly and efficiently: clean or replace the air filter every 90 days; inspect the blower motor to make sure it is working properly; open and clean air vents and close air leaks by weather-stripping doors and windows, sealing and insulating ducts and adding insulation to the attic. Taking these few simple steps can help extend the life of the heating system and prevent a heating emergency during the cold winter months.”

Roger The Plumber provides inspections, repair and installation for home heating systems.