We’re all fascinated by the future. Superhero movies like Iron Man, and the Avengers and Hunger Games series offer us a glimpse of what life could look like 50 years from now. Most of us are excited about drones, hyperloop transportation, 3D printed home decor and smart homes. Many of these inventions have been imagined by futurists decades ago and some of them, like 3D printers and drones, are becoming more and more common, while others are still in our future.

Smart Thermostats

Today, many households have the Nest Learning Thermostat to manage indoor temperature. The “smart” thermostat learns your preferred indoor temperature and schedule, and makes automatic adjustments to help lower energy bills. You’ll even receive notifications of potential issues with your heating and cooling system so you can get ahead of the problem and prevent a more serious disaster.  

Smart Plumbing

You’re probably familiar with water-saving toilets and tankless water heaters. Next in line for your smart home is a smart sprinkler system. In the olden days, you had to manually adjust your sprinkler system before and after rainfall, and blame yourself every time you forgot. But today, smart technology in the sprinkler system can detect the moisture level of your lawn, track weather forecasts, and make its own adjustments. Just download the sprinkler system’s app to decide how much control you’d like and monitor the watering schedule. You can even try a voice-powered system, like Rachio, which can be controlled by Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Energy-Efficient Power

At 4 Eco Services, we’re passionate about all things eco-friendly. That’s why we’re especially excited about predictions of newer, cleaner, and more exotic forms of energy from sources like the sun, tidal waves, and even solar panel farms on the moon. Imagine your utility costs shrinking to near nothing — now that’s something we’ve been dreaming about for a while now.

Check out these videos from Stanford to learn more about the future of clean, renewable energy. 

Check out Samsung’s “SmartThings Future Living Report” for more predictions about life on earth in 100 years.