In the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, decorating, and celebrating, the needs of the home’s plumbing system often get overlooked. Though your schedule may be full, take an hour out of your day to run through the following plumbing checklist items to avoid any emergencies this busy season.

1. Drain hoses and shut off outside water valves

In freezing temperatures, water that is left inside hoses will freeze, expand, and cause damage. Be sure to turn off outdoor water valves and drain hoses to protect the plumbing system and avoid expensive repairs.

2. Test the heaters

Turn on the furnace, water heater, and any other heat sources in the home to make sure they’re functioning properly. To test the furnace, check electric controls, burners, the heat exchanger, ignition system, exhaust system, gas pressure, and gas and oil connections.

3. Check the septic tank

A septic tank inspection is typically done by a licensed plumber and involves removing the septic tank cover to observe the flow of wastewater through the septic system. The plumber will also inspect the drain pipes and measure septic tank sludge.

4. Inspect the gutters

The gutters can become clogged, cracked, or damaged and require repair. Remove any debris from the gutters and any icicle formations to protect guests entering the home. Fix any cracks and address clogs before they become serious.

5. Clean the outdoor drains

After the fall season, you’re likely to find debris clogging outdoor drains. Use an outdoor hose or power washer to wash away dirt, leaves, and tree branches.

6. Check all appliances

You’ll be using all home appliances more frequently during the holiday season and it’s a good idea to check for any issues that may come up. Inspect the dishwasher, refrigerator, gas fireplace, kitchen ventilation, oven, garbage disposal, washer, and dryer for signs of wear and tear or broken parts.

7. Schedule professional maintenance

If this seems like too much work for your busy schedule, or if you run into things that require a professional opinion, call Roger The Plumber to schedule plumbing maintenance. Our team of plumbers is equipped with industry standard equipment and plumbing supplies to resolve most plumbing issues during the first visit. Give us a call today!

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